Jongia Mixing Technology


Jongia’s main focus is the design, manufacturing and supply of mixing and stirring equipment that is applied in various industries, such as fine chemicals, dairy, petrochemicals.

Jongia has built a reputation as an innovative supplier of first class mixing equipment, thanks to:

  • Over 70 years of experience
  • Extensive knowledge
  • Total commitment

Jongia’s organisation and products meet various international quality standards.


In close collaboration with our customers, we design and develop the most effective (custom-made) mixing solutions. Over the years, we became familiar with all aspects of different industries, providing expert advice and the best mixing solution to a specific process or application. In addition to the experience we gained in the field, we have test facilities available that is used for R&D activities, such as the development of new techniques and on scale mixer trials.

Company profile


What do we do? Jongia manufactures stirring & mixing equipment of its own reliable design. Apart from a standard range of mixers available from stock, Jongia designs and delivers tailor-made stirring & mixing equipment to meet customer’s specific requirements.

Our product range is characterized by:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • High mixing efficiency
  • Reliability


Being an innovative stirring & mixing equipment supplier, we earned a leading position in the Netherlands over the years. Our high-quality mixers and other products are now exported all over the world. Global reach is supported locally through a wholly owned subsidairy in the US and a network of associated companies throughout Europe.

Our capabilities and strengths:

  • Jongia has collected technical know-how over many years, specializing in stirring and mixing products.
  • Production with high manufacturing quality.
  • High-reliability of Jongia mixing systems.
  • Simple design ensures the need for only a minimum of spare parts and maintenance.
  • Thanks to the innovative design essential wear and tear parts are easy to replace without the need of dismantling the entire mixer.
  • Jongia developed an extensive knowledge of various industries over the years, knowing market specific trends and requirements.

Jongia has a fully equipped warehouse and is able to supply most spare parts from stock. We offer technical service:

  • Emergency service 24/7
  • Condition monitoring

Maintenance agreements



Jongia are experts in the design, engineering, manufacturing and supply of mixing and stirring equipment. Our products are used for various applications in many industries, being:

  • (Petro)chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food & beverage industry
  • Waste water treatment industry

Working closely with our customers, we develop tailor-made systems and solutions that achieve the desired mixing results in every specific process application.

Construction of an energy recovery plant.

Over 70 years of experience has resulted in an extensive knowledge of all markets and applications in which our mixing solutions are applied. Our product range includes mixing systems that are used in various applications, such as homogenising, heat transfer, suspending, (gas) dispersion, emulsifying, solubilising.

We are an innovative supplier of first class mixing equipment that meets the requirements and demands of each specific market or application.

For example, Jongia pioneered:

  • Mixing systems for difficult to dissolve powders
  • Systems for pre-mixing
  • Systems for slurries containing a high percentage of dry solids or having a high viscosity.


  • Adding value to machines and processes by reaching the best possible solution to the requirements and desires of our clients in close cooperation with them
  • People make the difference and are encouraged to use their talents and to continue to develop their skills
  • Our working environment is open, fair, and informal. The working conditions are good and we aim for continuous improvement of the process, innovation, cost reduction and clear communication


  • Managers lead by example and inspire others
  • We are honest and keep our promisses and commitments
  • We communicate in an open, honest and respectful manner
  • We give feedback to eachother in a constructive way
  • We encourage proactive teamwork