Manure drying

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Manure drying

Trouble free drying of poultry manure with the VDL Agrotech manure drying tunnel. High pressure fans direct the air through the manure on the special perforated steel plates Manure reaches 80% dry matter content within 72 hours. The Pouldry manure drying tunnel is industrial quality and can be supplied in different lengths up to 3 tiers.



VDL Agrotech

VDL  Agrotech is a manufacturer of equipment for intensive livestock industry and is presented on the Russian market within more than 10 years.

VDL Agrotech supplies both separate parts of equipment for poultry and pig complexes and turnkey projects with passing of the Dutch technology for growing and fattening of poultry and pigs.

VDL Agrotech is a good and reliable partner. Excellent service, reliable delivery, quality and a high level of expertise are the key to the worldwide success.