Mavitec is the partner for rendering animal by-products, as exclusive representative of The Dupps Company, U.S.A. they have installed many installations worldwide for decades. From both Poultry or Red meat by-products our installations create the best possible end-product in the market for whole meal, feather meal, blood meal, Meat and bone meal, tallow, fat and oils.

The standard product line consist of Batch/continuous Cookers, Presses, Hammer mills, Condensers, Air treatment system, Bins and conveyors. Due to our extensive network we are able to make installations designed to client’s preferences.

With an experienced and enthusiastic team, Mavitec is an expert in engineering, construction, installation, delivery, coordination and after sales of individual components up to complete turnkey projects. Additionally Mavitec offers 24/7 service, spare parts and revision.


The Mavitec Group with his partners are active worldwide and aim to find the best solution for your plant. With our network of highly educated local offices, speaking an array of languages, we help you to get the maximum out of your business by offering customized solutions!

“Rendering is not waste handling, it’s nutricient management!”