Treatment plants for industrial wastewater

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Nijhuis Industries has a long-standing experience and application know-how in the food and beverage market. Our reference base includes clients from multinational to local companies across the following industries:

  • Breweries, distilleries and wineries.
  • Soft drink and beverage producers.
  • Convenience and food processing.
  • Potato and crisps processing.
  • Dairy processing.
  • Edible oil processing.

Protein processing and biofarming

Nijhuis Industries has years of experience in designing complete wastewater treatment plants and recovery of energy plants in the meat processing market, turning waste and wastewater into value across the following industries:

  • Fish, meat and poultry processing.
  • Agricultural waste, manure and digestate and biogas processing.


Nijhuis Industries is a company with more than 80 years of experience in water treatment technologies. In 50 countries worldwide the company Nijhuis Industries is well known for the productive use of the acquired knowledge and experience. New technologies are being implemented in its own production, which is equipped with the latest facilities and adapted to virtually all industries.

We offer you a rational, cost-effective and high quality solutions in the field of wastewater treatment, as well as equipment for:

  • energy production;
  • recycling systems;
  • waste treatment.