Breeder stalls and penning systems

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VDL Agrotech has a wide global experience in the design of pig houses and pig projects. An efficient design with short working distance gives a direct saving on the investment costs of the building and a daily reduction of labour costs. The house interior contains high quality reliable components with a long lifetime.

VDL can offer you the best solution for different house designs and animal types: piglet nursery, farrowing, gestation and fatteners. Complete turnkey from drink nipple till manure system, according to European regulations 2013 or your local standards.


  • Farrowing pens in several dimensions (width 1,65-1,85 mtr, length 2,4-2,5 mtr)
  • Made of durable materials: galvanised/stainless steel/ plastic pen separations
  • PP pen separations 3,5 cm thickness and 50 cm height
  • Low piglet mortality caused by laying dead
  • Electrical or hot water heating plates for piglet nest
  • Piglet floor part made of plastic
  • Sow floor made of metal (cast iron)
  • Perfect drain of manure, no pollution, very easy to clean
  • Slurry tray systems for low ammonia emission and saving heating costs


  • Plastics slat floors with good manure drain
  • Special feed troughs with low spillage design
  • Closed pen separations prevents draught and sick piglets
  • Made of PP/PVC 3,5 cm thickness and 75 cm height
  • Special drink nipples and bowls to avoid water spillage


  • Sow crates made according Euro2013 guidelines
  • Special designed for mating: easy to open, self-locking and provided with insemination hatch
  • Solid, high quality galvanized
  • Special light system improves the fertility and gives a higher amount of piglets/sow/year
  • Every sow has it’s own drink nipple and additional water supply during hot days


  • Gestation sows in groups or individual depending on local standards
  • Sow stations suitable for 40-60 sows with automatic registration by RF-ID system
  • Special design with fixed or dynamic groups (40-60 / 100-400 sows)
  • Small groups with 8-12 sows with special low speed feeding system
  • Pen separation made of reinforced plastic (PP) 5 cm thickness and 120 cm height


  • Open close pen separations, depending on local climate
  • Number of fatteners per pen: 10-50
  • Large group system with 300-400 fatteners with automatic hog sorter station
  • Depending on local standards 60-100% slats
  • Pen separation made of reinforced plastic (PP) 5 cm thickness and 100 cm heigth
  • Parts made of stainless steel of galvanized steel.
  • Dry feeder or dry-wet feeders special designed for fatteners 20-120 kg

Special designs

Special designed buildings like:

  • AI-boar stations, complete with all equipment
  • Gilt rearing houses GGP – nucleus projects

Special ventilation

  • Fresh nose systems for sows farrowing
  • Air ducts for pre-conditioning
  • SPF & Air filtering
  • Air scrubbers

Slurry removal system

  • Tubes
  • Lockers
  • Corners

Et cetera


VDL Agrotech is a manufacturer of equipment for intensive livestock industry and is presented on the Russian market within more than 10 years.

VDL Agrotech supplies both separate parts of equipment for poultry and pig complexes and turnkey projects with passing of the Dutch technology for growing and fattening of poultry

VDL Agrotech is a good and reliable partner. Excellent service, reliable delivery, quality and a high level of expertise are the key to the worldwide success.