Micro-ingredient Dosing Installations

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Micro-ingredient Dosing Installations

The Ottevanger micro-ingredient dosing system can be designed to include up to 34 dosing cells, each equipped with a screw feeder. Rotary discharge equipment can be provided for poorly flowing products as an option.

The screw feeders discharge into one, two or three weighers, depending on the total number of components. The weighers can be set up on various levels and work simultaneously. In the set-up with three weighers the top weigher has a net weighing capacity of 5 kg, the middle one 10 kg and the bottom one 50 kg. They are accurate to 5, 10 and 50 g respectively.

The storage bunkers for the components are made from stainless steel or steel st 37 with a food-quality internal coating. The screw feeders may vary in diameter, with the larger ones having a fine-dosing feeder underneath for maximum accuracy.

In modern animal-feed installations the micro-ingredient dosing often operates in-line with the central batch system. Depending on the size of the batch it may be a good idea to homogenise the dosed micro-ingredients first with a carrier on a separate mixer before adding them to the main batch.


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