Soy and sunflower processing

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Cattle cake made from extracted oilseeds have always been considered to be a high-protein feed. However, over the last few years there has been increasing interest in the use of unextracted oilseeds, so-called FFSBs (full-fat soya beans) and sunflower (cattle cake), where the proteins of the cattle cake are combined with the high dietetic energy values of the oil.

This is important in particular in feeds for poultry and other non-ruminants. Thanks to new soya and sunflower varieties that can be grown in a moderate or even a cool climate, the use of the complete soya bean and sunflower seed has become attractive, above all because there is a lack of large-scale installations for soya extraction and sunflower-seed oil in a lot of regions.

There are various methods for the physical processing of soya beans and sunflower seed. The most effective processing method consists of a combination of heat treatment (destruction of the ANF) and a physical crushing of the beans/seeds (to make the oil more accessible). It is very important that the process parameters be closely monitored, for example to prevent overheating, which could damage the proteins.


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