Equipment for cage keeping of broilers

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Peja International together with its partners – VDL Agrotech and VDL Jansen – provides the modern solution of equipment for cage keeping of broilers:

  • Cage
  • Feeding systems (pan)
  • Drinking systems (nipple drinkers)
  • Feed storage and delivery
  • Ventilation system
  • Birds harvesting system
  • Heating system
  • Climate control system

Cage system

The BroMaxx broiler colony system ensures a perfect climate, hygiene and animal health, resulting in better feed conversion, lower costs, better growth, uniformity, more cycles per year and perfect meat quality. This system prevents foot pad dermatitis and breast blisters, what provides meat of premium class. The system is designed for high bird density and smart harvesting methods result in significant labour savings.

  • The FlexFloor floor system adapts to the weight, size and shape of the broiler chicken and provides the necessary support for the breast and feet. Good manure pervious and the highly hygienic condition of the floor prevent foot pad dermatitis.
  • This cage system is equipped with modern feeding system. Its construction provides optimal feed consumption within the whole period of growing.
  • The ideal dimensions and layout of the BroMaxx colony system allow maximum bird density. Optimal bird density results in higher profitability.
  • The FlexFloor and underlying manure belt function together to provide an efficient, labour-saving harvesting method. Broilers are removed from the house fully automatically without the need to catch them.


  • Versatile broiler feed pan designed for both restricted and unrestricted feeding.
  • Low ridge for easy access to feed from day one.
  • Open design prevents chicks from getting caught inside the feed pan.
  • Pan design minimizes feed spillage.
  • Simple 6 position feed level adjustment.
  • User friendly, centrally adjustable with winching system.
  • Suitable for meal, crumbled and pelletized feed
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Hinged bottom for efficient cleaning

Drinking systems. Nipple drinking system


Nipple drinking

The main purpose of the drinking systems is the supply of clean drinking water to your poultry. Of the many advantages of a nipple drinking system, below listed are the main features:

  • Better hygiene
  • Better control of water temperature
  • Minimum of water spillage;
  • The drinking system is easy to clean, and flush by means of incorporated manual or optionally automatic flushing system.
  • Easy access for birds to the drinking water
  • Optimal dosing of medication or other additives to the drinking water
  • Better control of litter quality (dry)
  • Lower humidity and less ammonia in the poultry house

From the water control panel, the water is directed to the pressure reducer. The pressure reducer reduces the water pressure to a level which ensures optimal waterdelivery from the nipples. This pressure can be adjusted and checked from the transparant vent tube. Birds will drink the water from the nipple and any water spilled will be captured in the dripcup. The height of the drinking line can be adjusted by the central winch.

The drinking nipples are a number of nipples per section depending on type of poultry and a number of drinking lines are mounted in a 3,65 meter long square shaped thick wall pvc tube.

The nipple tube is connected with a special bracket to the support conduit or aluminium profile. In floorhouses, drinking systems are suspended from the roof with a winching system. A suspension point is mounted every 3 meter.

The nipple drinking systems are available in different models for broilers, layers, rearing pullets, breeders and free range birds. Drinking systems designed to be used in different housing systems.


  • Start or midline pressure regulators
  • Endset with flushing system
  • Nipple line sections of 3,65 mtr, with galvanised conduit or aluminium support profile
  • Anti-perch set with wire

Feed storage and delivery



  • Silos available in ø1.8m, ø2.1m, ø2.75m en ø3.2m and capacities upto 30 metric ton
  • Silo filling either mechanic or pneumatic, or both
  • Pneumatic filling, silos are filled by a bulktruck equipped with pneumatic filling system
  • Silo is equipped with a special steel filling pipe and pvc de-aeriation pipe
  • The system is designed to prevent feed de-mixing during filling and to fill the silo to the maximum level
  • Mechanic filling
  • Silo equipped with a remote opening mechanism for opening and closing of the silo roof lid
  • VDL offers the rigid filling auger, optionally available with movable support for multiple silo use
  • Perfectly sealed off for secure storage
  • Feed remains fresh
  • Userfriendly
  • Silo built of galvanised steel corrugated sheets
  • All connections between sheets are double bolted with corrosion resistant material
  • The galvanised sheet reflects sunlight , preventing heat build up in the silo
  • Silo standard including inspection glass
  • Options inspection hatch, side ladder, roofladder and safety cage

Auger transport systems

  • Centreless rotating auger for reliable feed transport
  • Available for tube diameters 60, 75, 90 and 125 mm
  • Transport capacity ranging from 500kg to 5000 kg per hour
  • Suitable for transportation of pelletized feed, mesh, meal and home mixed feed
  • Pneumatic or electric operated feed outlets can be fitted to the auger systems
  • Wide range of feed intake hoppers and accessories for required configuration
  • Durable equipment, using stainless steel and hot dipped galvanised components
  • Water proof bearing protection, maintenance free
  • Silo booths supplied with cut off slide, designed for fast mounting to the feed intake hopper and easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty, hardened auger material
  • Transport tubes made of UV resistant, wear resistant, smooth wall PVC
  • PE bends available optional, highly wear resistant, ideal for heavy use
  • Including motor protection switch and electronic level sensor

Ventilation system



  • Direct or belt driven fans
  • Fans have a high efficiency (w/m3)
  • Stainless steel or reinforced plastic blades
  • Maintenance free bearings
  • Reliable shutter systems
  • 1 phase and 3 phase models available
  • VDL is offering a full range (500-1300 mm) to have the most ideal ventilation system on your farm
  • Optional light traps for dark out houses
  • Circulation fans to extend heater range or for air quality improvement

Air inlets

  • Inlets made of insulated polyurethane
  • Various capacities with 2050/4100/8750 m3/hr capacity
  • Optional wind pressure cover
  • Optional light traps to dark out the house
  • Ceiling inlets & inlet chimneys for special buildings
  • Electrical and manual winches to operate inlets and curtains
  • Optional automatic opening system for power failures

Tunnel inlets

  • Inlets made of insulated Poly Urethane
  • Various capacities with 8750/17500/26750/35000 m3/hr capacity
  • Tunnel inlets with a lenght upto 12 meters
  • Optional automatic opening system in case of power failure

Ventilation chimneys

  • Modular chimney system made of highly insulating Poly Urethane or Poly Ethyleen
  • Diameters 650-820-920 mm
  • Complete with roof plates, dampers, drip plates et cetera
  • All mounting materials made of stainless steel

Heating system


Infrared brooders

  • Radiation heating directly at the animal
  • Ideal for first days when the day old chicks have to find their own comfort temperature
  • Less energy losses by ceiling and walls
  • Several capacities 5-12 kw
  • High-low and modular control
  • Easy to clean, high quality filter
  • Safe by thermo contact

Direct fired heaters

  • Suitable for natural gas, liquid propane gas and diesel.
  • Fully automatic with burner control unit
  • Heating and mixing contact
  • Continues control of combustion quality for safe operation
  • Special models with separate air intake and exhaust, lower ventilation ratios and lower CO2 and H2O% in the house
  • Including mounting set with suspension, hose and valve

Birds harvesting system


Efficient BroMaxx harvesting systems provide the solution for quick, labour-saving harvesting of broilers with retention of meat quality. We can propose the following variants of birds harvesting system:


The new BroMaxx Mobile Conveyor enables harvesting of all tiers and rows of the BroMaxx colony system at the same time. The Collection Unit is placed behind the colony system. Tiers one and three transport broilers to one side of the house while tiers two and four transport birds to the opposite side. Simultaneous running of all belts not only ensures a high harvesting capacity, but also saves time and labour.



The BroMaxx Crates Station harvesting system is a roller conveyor that conveniently supplies empty crates and discharges full ones. Workers slide empty crates onto the upper supply conveyor which takes them to the workers placing broilers in the crates. Full crates are then simply placed on a roller conveyor that takes them to the discharge conveyor.



The BroMaxx Container Station harvesting system is a roller conveyor that conveniently supplies empty containers and discharges full ones. The system consists of two platforms, for harvesting the upper and lower tiers of the BroMaxx broiler colony system respectively.



The EasyLoader® harvesting system transfers broilers directly from the BroMaxx to containers. Legs and wings are not damaged, and meat quality is maintained. This harvesting system guarantees perfect meat quality and substantial labour savings.



The Classic Lifting harvesting system consists of a horizontal lift and a portable conveyor belt that takes the broilers to a central harvesting point. The lift is located behind the BroMaxx system and harvests chickens from multiple rows of one tier.

Control system

Controlling and monitoring the optimal climate inside the poultry house with elctronic climate controllers. Also siloweighing and feeding processes with with automatic controllers. The controllers excellent in reliability and userfriendliness


Management computers

  • Modern computers in livestock sector control more than just the climate
  • Automatic control of light system, feeding, laying nests, egg belts, manure system, heat exchangers et cetera
  • Automatic registration of feed intake, water intake, energy consumption
  • Easy to operate: the animal and the farmer are playing a key role
  • Service and local training by VDL Agrotech
  • Remote control from central office or mobile devices (smartphone/tablet pc) possible
  • Control panel (switch board) for easy installation on the farm
  • Special PC software to generate farm overviews and reports


Silo weighing  
The feed bin legs are mounted on load cells. These give a signal to a Sirius SWS computer. On the computer is displayed the actual weight, feed intake today et cetera.

Batch weighing

  • Mechanical weigher (type D) with puls counter for registration, can be linked to a mechanical DRE counter or a simple computer
  • Electronical weigher (type H) with blending and exact dosing possibilities, will be controlled by special computer (Sirius or Orion)

Central blender-weigher 
Mounted on load cells, suitable for exact feeding of several houses and hoppers on the farm.

Winch control

  • Winch controllers are specially designed for the agro sector
  • Can be applied with curtains, air inlets or automatic winching of feeding systems
  • Continue feedback signal of winch motor position for accuracy and safety
  • Suitable for 1 and 3 phase winchmotors
  • Winchmotors have limit switches
  • Input signal from feed or climate controller: high/low, open/close or proportional
  • Model Liftronic: special winch controller with digital display of winch position in centimeters


To protect your valuable livestock against calamities, VDL Agrotech offers several alarm units:

  • Alarm units with 1, 5 of 10 potential free alarm loops
  • Units have their own battery with automatic charger and permanent battery tester
  • Electronic alarm unit with 2 temperature sensors and phase monitoring
  • Alarm signal will be given acoustic with horn and optical with flashlight
  • Special units with SMS and/or email functions available


VDL Agrotech

VDL  Agrotech is a manufacturer of equipment for intensive livestock industry and is presented on the Russian market within more than 10 years.

VDL Agrotech supplies both separate parts of equipment for poultry and pig complexes and turnkey projects with passing of the Dutch technology for growing and fattening of poultry and pigs.

VDL Agrotech is a good and reliable partner. Excellent service, reliable delivery, quality and a high level of expertise are the key to the worldwide success.

VDL Jansen

VDL Jansen offers a wide range of poultry systems and has grown to become a flourishing international company with its headquarters located in the Netherlands.