Slaughtering equipment

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Quality, appearance and marketablility of the end product are affected at every stage of the poultry processing line and this critically starts at the slaughtering department. The slaughtering department has to deliver a clean product ready for evisceration and further processing. The Meyn slaughtering equipment not only realises this clean, high quality product, but does so with an absolute minimum of energy and labour requirements.

The Meyn slaughtering equipment has been developed from intensive research and practical experience to provide optimum efficiency, durability, safety and economy. This means high quality construction from high quality materials and designs perfected and proven in real processing situations. Meyn’s slaughtering equipment is easy to use and can be easily be adjusted during processing. The modular design of the equipment enables processing of a range of capacities from 500 up to 12,000 birds per hour.


Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. is a worldwide supplier of equipment and systems for the poultry processing industry. Meyn is unique in the fact that it is the only global supplier of systems, equipment and services that is 100% dedicated to the worldwide poultry processing industry.

Meyn plants and installations operate in more than 90 countries across the globe. Meyn employs over 900 employees worldwide. Head office is based in Oostzaan, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We have offices in 13 different countries, together with an extensive network of local agents and partners.

Meyn has been fully dedicated to poultry processing for many years now. Our knowledge, equipment, systems and services are available all over the world. Today we are very proud to be the dedicated business partner of numerous renowned poultry processing companies in over a hundred countries.