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Small, medium or large capacity Biogas tanks  used in the Renewable Energy industry often require a number of mixers to keep the contents homogeneous. Jongia offers customers in the Biogas, Waste Water and Durable Energy industry the best mixing solutions: maximum performance at minimum power input.

Jongia’s mixing equipment is ideally suited for use in applications in the Renewable Energy  industry.

Jongia has developed a full range of typical mixers for these applications. More specifically, our side entry mixers (such as the JRWM mixer) offer a high-quality mixing solution with low energy consumption.

Top entry mixers for Digester process, are equipped with a “waterlock” sealing system to prevent biogas from bypassing the mixer shaft sealing.

For Side entry mixers, to prevent product loss due to seal leakage, we succeeded in the design of a basic, low-cost leak stop device. Besides, our experienced process engineers provide expertise in reports and characteristics on samples of sludge and digester fluids.



Jongia manufactures stirring & mixing equipment of its own reliable design. Apart from a standard range of mixers available from stock, Jongia designs and delivers tailor-made stirring & mixing equipment to meet customer’s specific requirements.

Our product range is characterized by:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • High mixing efficiency
  • Reliability


Being an innovative stirring & mixing equipment supplier, Jongia earned a leading position in the Netherlands over the years.