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    The exhibition VIV Russia-2017

    The companies OTEVANGER Milling Engineers, DUPPS/MAVITEC, VDL Agrotech, NIJHUIS Industries, IMPEX Barneveld, JANSEN Poultry Equipment and MEYN will participate at the international exhibition “VIV Russia-2017”, that will…

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  2. Jongia Mixing Technology

  3. Food and beverage industry

  4. Durable and renewable energy

  5. Petrochemical industry

  6. Mixing equipment

  7. Exhibition “Wasma-2016”

    The company BOLLEGRAAF Recycling Solutions will participate at 13th International exhibition of equipment and technologies for water treatment, waste management and recycling “Wasma-2016”. The exhibition will…

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  8. Exhibition “Agroprodmash-2016”

    The companies DUPPS/MAVITEC, NIJHUIS Water Technology and MEYN will participate at 21st international exhibition “Agroprodmash-2016”, that will be held from 10th till 14th of October…

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  9. The exhibition “MVC: Cereals – Mixed Feed – Veterinary – 2016”

    Ottevanger Milling Engineers participated at the exhibition “MVC: Cereals – Mixed Feed – Veterinary – 2016”, that was held in Hall 75 (VDNH) from 26th…

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  10. AgroFarm-2016

    VDL Agrotech participated at the exhibition “AgroFarm-2016”, that was held in VDNH (Hall 75) from 19th till 21st of January.